Beauty in the Cracks

Each bracelet $40.00-Pictures just share no two semi-precious gemstones are alike.

There are times we feel like we have been broken and can’t put the pieces back together. We will result in asking God, “Why would you let this happen? Why did you leave me when I needed you the most?”. It may feel like He’s left our side but in reality, God’s best working ground is in our foundation, our bare cracks. He is testing our roots to help strengthen our growth. When we choose to fight we focus on the God above us and not the issues breaking us. When we open our hearts with continuous prayer the light will shine through our cracks.  For all that hurts us makes us who we are today. Wear this bracelet and remember that there is beauty in all the pain that we face. It’s God making us a better more beautiful person today.  

O my dove, you are in the holes of the mountainsides, in the cracks of the high hills; let me see your face, let your voice come to my ears; for sweet is your voice, and your face is fair. ~Song of Solomon 2:16

Choose one of our silver-tone Whispering Prayer charms to make it unique for you or someone special. 

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